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Silicone egg cooker

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  • Release date:2018-11-27
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The egg cooker with silica gel as the main raw material is called a silicone egg cooker. Silica gel is a porous material having a different particle size which is suitably dehydrated from a silicic acid gel. It has an open porous structure and can adsorb many substances. Silica gel is a good desiccant, adsorbent and catalyst carrier. The adsorption of silica gel is mainly physical adsorption, which can be regenerated and reused. Adding acid to the alkali metal silicate solution, so that the silica gel can be acidified, and then adding a certain amount of electrolyte for stirring, that is, forming a silicic acid gel or adding an acid or ammonium salt to a concentrated sodium silicate solution can also be formed. Silicic acid gel. The silicic acid gel is allowed to stand for a few hours to be aged, and then the soluble salt is washed away with hot water, dried at 60 to 70 degrees and activated at about three times to obtain silica gel. The silicate gel is immersed in a cobalt chloride solution, then dried and activated to obtain a color-changing silica gel.

Silicone products


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