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Silicone bracelet

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  • Release date:2018-11-27
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Silicone bracelet is a popular silicone jewelry. A variety of different fonts, different colors of silicone bracelet, made of 100% silicone material, non-toxic, non-cracking, long life, no skin irritation. The craft has engraving, printing, thousands of patterns, thousands of colors, fashion trends. The material texture is soft and the design is generous, simple, bright, fashionable, colorful and unique. It is a fashion accessory that is very popular in Europe and the United States. Avant-garde color silicone jewelry is worn on the hand, making you cool!

Applicable to a variety of entertainment venues, silicone bracelets are more associated with various organizational activities, branding, sports, etc., can also be used as gifts, souvenirs, advertising promotional gifts. Product sizes, colors, and various shapes and shapes can be customized.

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