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Silicone data cable

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Silicone rubber products are becoming more popular in China and around the world for the simple reason that they are better performing, environmentally friendly and safe, and generally not damaged.

Silicone transmission line for Android and iPhone models. It is used in the same way as the original data line. The ultra-thin USB interface is connected to the charging head or USB interface of the computer, and the other end is connected to the mobile phone for data transmission.
Features of silicone products: beautiful appearance, unique and lovely shape, bright color, silicone feel, soft hand, small size, easy to carry, diverse patterns, OEM color and logo can be customized according to customer requirements.
Advantages: wide flat antifreeze design, can be folded at any angle, can be pulled, not knotted, with soft silicone flexible straps, easy to carry, not messy.

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