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Silicone electronic accessorie

Silicone U disk cover

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  • Release date:2018-11-27
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 1. The silicone U disk cover is made of 100% pure silica gel. Made of soft rubber, the silicone is environmentally friendly, tasteless and non-toxic.

2. Resilience and flexibility. If you accidentally drop the U disk or collide with it, the silicone cover will protect your baby.
3, silicone U disk cover is easy to carry, usually the surface is gold steel, the hands often sweat, easy to corrode the surface, covered with a silicone protective cover, can play the role of slip, scratch, dust, anti-collision.
4, U disk sets can also do different Logo engraving and silk screen logo, a variety of crafts, is a practical advertising promotional products.
5, U disk cover is used to protect the protective cover of the chip, dirty can be washed with detergent and water.

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