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How to remedy the breakdown of silicone products?

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We may accidentally destroy silicone products. How can we remedy it? Maybe someone will go online to find, but there is no suitable way for their own use, let us give up. So we need to find a suitable way to do things. Now let's see how the Silicone Products Factory teaches us how to remedy broken silicone products.

1. Fast bonding, using silicone thermal vulcanization bonding: firstly, cleaning the oil dust on the surface of the silicone product, and secondly, uniformly brushing the glue on the interface to be bonded to the silicone product, and finally putting it into the mold to pressurize at a high temperature and heat Just fine.
2. Slow bonding uses slow bonding: one is to clean the surface of silicone products, putty, etc. The other is to apply uniform glue on the interface of two kinds of bonded silicone products, and fix or pressurize the two products. 12 hours.
3. Quickly bond with quick glue and curing agent: firstly, clean the surface of the silicone product, etc. Secondly, in the two kinds of silica gel products, the interface is evenly brushed into a brush treatment agent for 5 minutes; finally, in the silicone product The upper layer is evenly applied to the glue and the two can be bonded.
These methods may be suitable for your own use, and we are looking for a method that works for you, not only to improve efficiency, but also to make it easier.

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