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  • What is the cause of damage to silicone products?

    Silicone products are made of silicone. Due to its chemical composition and physical structure, silica gel has excellent properties such as excellent elasticity and high tear strength, and it is difficult to be replaced by other materials. However, i....
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  • Silicone product odor treatment method

    Generally, silicone products rarely produce odor, and users do not want to purchase odor silicone products. In particular, there are many kinds of silicone products, such as silicone mobile phone series, silicone tablet computer series, silicone jewe....
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  • Is silicone tableware safe?

    Is silicone tableware safe? Silica gel is mainly composed of silicon, synthetic rubber and carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elements. Silicon is a common natural element rich in rock and sandstone. Silica gel has long proven to be a very healthy an....
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  • How to safely purchase silicone rubber products on the Internet

    With the development of Internet technology, more and more small partners like online shopping, online stuff is cheap small gifts for some people want to go out, so much the better. Today, e-commerce is also a business method. Many people sell their....
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  • How to clean silicone rubber mold

    In the silicone rubber or silicone products industry, it is necessary to remove dust from the mold to dry out the good product. However, cleaning the mold has always been a headache, because vulcanized rubber, silicone rubber, and silicone rubber nee....
    release time:2018-11-28   hit count: 1

  • Why is the surface of rubber products whitish?

    I believe that many friends who have used rubber products will see the whitening phenomenon on the surface of products that have been used for a while, will they be particularly troubled by friends with compulsive products? Rubber white is also calle....
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  • How to distinguish the true and false quality of silicone rubber products?

    Gum products cannot hide dense compounds, no matter how they are explained or hidden, when it comes to chemicals, most of them are harmful to the environment. Silicone or rubber can't be covered, but silicone rubber products are different, but it is....
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  • How to remedy the breakdown of silicone products?

    We may accidentally destroy silicone products. How can we remedy it? Maybe someone will go online to find, but there is no suitable way for their own use, let us give up. So we need to find a suitable way to do things. Now let's see how the Silicone....
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