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How to distinguish inferior silicone products?

Release date:2018-11-28 Click:

In recent years, the industry of silicone products has continued to innovate and develop, and the quality of silicone products is uneven. This requires us to choose silicone products when choosing silicone products. We can distinguish by the following aspects:

First of all, from the aspect of characteristic texture, the flexibility and elasticity of the silicone product are very good, it is not easy to be deformed by external force, and the feeling is smoother, and the inferior silica gel product is easy to be deformed due to the surface of the counterfeit product, and the hand feel is rough. The fake silicone product does not have a layer of greasy material, giving a greasy feel.
Secondly, in terms of properties, silica gel products are non-toxic, odorless, colorless, daily use, good quality, no harm to the human body, general imitation silica gel products are very good at achieving these effects, counterfeit and shoddy silicone products in general. Poisonous and irritating smell, but also rough!
Finally, we can also use the real and fake silica gel to burn through the flame. It is very useful when the black silicone products are burnt in black smoke. The residual black powder and true silicone products are white smoke regardless of the color burning, and the burning residue is white powder.
I believe that through these three aspects, the quality of silicone products can be clearly distinguished.

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