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Rubber products manufacturers talk about the difference between rubber and silic

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Rubber products manufacturers talk about the difference between rubber and silica gel

The definition of the two is different. Rubber is a general term, including a variety of, such as natural rubber, butadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, propylene rubber, and of course silica gel; silica gel is one of the specific varieties of rubber. The difference between silicone and rubber is toxic and non-toxic. When using two kinds of burning silicone, it will not ignite the open flame. The burning smoke is white, the rubber burning is black smoke, pungent and black, and has a strong taste.
At present, the raw materials used in the production of silicone products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly synthetic rubber and natural rubber. Synthetic rubbers include chloroprene rubber, butadiene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, and the like. The structure of natural rubber is a polymer. Under the action of external force, the rubber can be quickly recovered by bending and extrusion deformation, and has good chemical stability and mechanical properties. It has good flexibility and can be used in some high temperature and high temperature resistant applications. The low temperature application of rubber products is not used in silicone products. Now we choose to use silicone products instead of rubber products in many aspects.

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