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Silicone rubber product authenticity identification method

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Gummy products cannot cover dense compounds, no matter how they are explained or hidden, when it comes to chemicals, most of them are harmful to the environment, whether it is plastic or rubber, but silicone rubber products are different. However, most friends of colloidal products still have certain preventive psychology. Therefore, we will talk about the identification method of true and false silicone products.

Currently, there are many daily necessities in the silicone rubber industry. Medical devices and electronic accessories are made of silicone, but silica gel is chemically different from other types of rubber. It mainly includes silica, silicone resin, silicone oil, mixed vulcanizate and colored rubber. In the silicone material, there are still certain false substances. For example, in order to save costs, low-cost raw materials, raw material suppliers add catalysts to improve efficiency, etc., so the method of truly distinguishing between true and false and quality is as follows:
1, color:
Silicone rubber products can be formulated according to different colors, and can be adjusted according to the color number, so there is no difference in color from the color and there is no defect in the appearance treatment, but mainly depends on whether the stretch will rebound. White or transparent phenomenon, if there is that material may belong to ordinary materials!
2, feel:
The feel is very important. Whether the silicone product is stretched, rebounded, deformed and tough is important. If the above properties are basically high-quality materials, it is generally used in high-end products and brand products such as: (brand official website silicone mobile phone case) mobile phone Covers and other products are more widely used!
3, open flame burning:
This method is very effective. Generally, the materials and other rubber materials of the silicone products will emit white smoke. The surface of the product will appear white fog after burning. After burning, it will be completely white powder, completely colorless and tasteless. Different materials A yellow color will appear and eventually a black residue will appear.
So, when you can't identify silicone or silicone rubber products, try the above methods.

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