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Silicone mobile phone case production process

Release date:2018-11-28 Click:

The silicone phone case is made of silicone and is used as a protective cover for mobile phones. Usually, ordinary mobile phone sets have the following two materials: silicone, plastic; plastic is divided into TPU and PC, the two materials are different in soft and hard. The production of silicone phones is divided into the following processes.

(1) The appearance of the mobile phone case is designed by the designer of the mobile phone case, mainly including the pattern and color of the surface of the silicone sleeve, logo and the like.

(2) After receiving the sample, the silicone manufacturer will arrange a professional mold designer to program the design and determine the model of the mobile phone case.

(3) After designing the model, open the mold and the factory mold department will open the mold.

(4) After the mold is opened, the workshop will prepare the corresponding silica material and production personnel. After mixing the raw materials, the mold is placed in a mold of the silica gel portion, and then injection molding is performed on the injection portion, and finally a good silicone product is produced into the injection portion for injection processing. Through these processes, our silicone products are basically produced and completed.

(5) Fifth, it is the follow-up work of silicone products, which is mainly divided into two parts: the packaging department and the quality inspection department.

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