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Processing of silicone products

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In order to minimize the cycle time, a relatively high vulcanization temperature of the peroxy silica gel can be selected. According to the thickness of the silicone product, the mold temperature is generally between 180 and 230 ° C, but in the process of processing the silicone product, there are often some difficult problems, the following points should be noted.

(1) If the temperature is too high, cracks will occur near the parting surface, especially for heavy workpieces. This is caused by excessive internal stress caused by expansion during vulcanization. In this case, the mold temperature should be lowered. The temperature of the injection device should be set at 80 to 100 °C. If the solidification time or cycle time of the produced workpiece is relatively long, this temperature will decrease.
(2) Low temperature of platinum-based silica gel, it is recommended that the temperature of the injection unit generally does not exceed 60 °C.
(3) Compared to natural rubber, solid silica gel can quickly fill the cavity. However, in order to avoid and reduce the formation of bubbles and other impurities, the ejection speed should be lowered. Shorter times and less stress should be set during the packaging process. Excessive or excessive pressure creates a return groove around the gate.
(4) The vulcanization time of the peroxide vulcanized silicone rubber is equivalent to that of fluororubber or EPDM rubber, and the vulcanization time of the platinum silicone rubber can be shortened by 70%.
(5) It is strictly forbidden to use silicone release agent. Otherwise, even slight silica contamination can cause mold sticking.

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