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How to make full use of the tailings after the production of silicone products

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For a factory, no matter what it produces, it produces tailings. Therefore, the production of silicone products, there will be more or less residual silicone materials, how to deal with these excess waste, each silicone manufacturer's method is different, and some are simply treated as waste, such as when washing molds or The use of mat materials, which caused a great waste, let's talk about how to make full use of the tailings!

Tailings classification
Choosing the tailings can only be used to clean the mold or mat mold because the tailings have a mixture of wool edges and other debris. Then select the tailings containing metal impurities, because the tailings are not used, can only accept waste disposal. After picking the top two, the rest is a good glue.
Quality tail treatment
For high-quality tailings, it can be put into rubber machine processing, and then according to the actual situation, take appropriate amount of residue to press the hardness particles, according to the color of the hardness particles, find the color and hardness of the silica gel products close to color, hardness and color adjustment . This allows these high quality tailings to meet the requirements of the product.
In general, the treatment of tailings is cumbersome for the operator, but the handling of the tailings of the silica gel plant is very important. A large amount of tailings will cause waste of storage space and is difficult to clean. It is important that it can utilize resources. avoid wasting. However, for enterprises, it is necessary to make rational use of resources, reduce waste, provide productivity, and ensure quality in order to develop in the market!

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