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Silicone rubber products are widely used in LEDs

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Silicone rubber products are widely used in LEDs

Silicone rubber can maintain elasticity for a long time at -60~200°C, does not absorb heat, does not release heat, does not shrink after curing, has good adhesion to materials, and has excellent electrochemical stability, water resistance, ozone resistance and weather resistance. Sex. After sealing the LED products, it can protect against moisture, corrosion, shock and dust. Stabilizing component parameters, silicone rubber impurity components can be divided into single-component and two-component forms according to the composition. Common thermal silicone rubbers are A and B components, which can be divided into addition molding. Based on the chemical reaction mechanism of the two kinds of silicone rubbers, the formed products can be deep vulcanized. Low molecular weight substances are not produced during processing, the shrinkage rate is low, and the adhesion to the member or the cavity wall is low. The one-component thermal conductive silicone rubber also includes both polycondensation type and addition molding. The polycondensation type product generally has good adhesion to the substrate, but is only suitable for shallow sealing, and one-component addition molding of thermal conductive silicone rubber. LY needs to be stored at a low temperature, and it needs to be heated and vulcanized after filling.
An important feature of thermally conductive silicone rubber/silicone rubber tubing is that the product is repairable. When producing electrical/electronic equipment, it is hoped that scrap or damaged products can be recycled. It is difficult or impossible to remove and recast a non-silicone rigid sealing material without causing significant damage to internal circuitry.

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